Why choose me ?

I am 59 years old, and have been teaching sports and fitness since 1986. There are not many personal trainers in the fitness industry that can match my experience.


If you look at most professional sports, you will realise that just about every top class trainer of world champions is over the age of 40. Most of them are anywhere from their late 50's into their early 70's.


Now walk into your average gym, and look for a highly experienced expert coach. Where are they ?


There are a lot of young kids in their 20's, who have done a quick course in fitness, and are now supposedly "qualified",  in personal training. They have no real world knowledge, experience, or skill, and yet they call themselves experts. It takes more than a quick course, to make a skilled personal trainer.


You can pay £30, £40, £50 or more for their personal training, and all you will really get is someone telling you to do a few more press ups, or a few more sit ups, or run back and forth between some coloured cones, placed 20 yards apart.


The "personal trainers", in the gym, are really no more than glorified cheerleaders. Of course, any fitness class is better than sitting at home in front of the TV, but you won't learn how to stay fit for life, by attending those group sessions.


Those "personal trainers", won't really teach you how to improve your body or mind, or how to achieve a level of health and fitness that you can maintain for the rest of your life. Just doing a few exercises, without knowing exactly why, is nothing but a short term fix.


I am a top class professional personal trainer, and I choose to educate my clients, so they fully understand everything that they're doing in their training, and the importance of each exercise they do, for optimal maintenance of their health. This is what a real personal trainer should do.


I teach my clients how to eat correctly, and how to balance out their training to fit in with their lifestyle. Sooner or later, most gym users will stop going to the gym. If you know how to train properly, you can maintain your fitness for life, without needing a gym. If you choose me as your personal trainer, you will benefit from my many decades of real world experience.


My 38 years of real world teaching skills, are the most valuable and desirable quality that any personal trainer can have. I stand out from the rest, because of my real world personal training skills.


The fact that I am also CIMSPA Level 3 qualified, and am fully insured for £2,000,000 is simply a necessary legal requirement.


Success is dependent upon who trains you

To have success, you need to make the right choice