Importance of good Nutrition

Learn how to view food in a completely different way, understanding how to correctly feed your body, whilst creating tasty foods that you will enjoy eating.


Your body is an organic machine, made up of many working parts. 


  • Your skeletal system is composed mainly of calcium.


  • Your muscles are basically fibres of Protein. 


  • Cartilage & ligaments are composed of collagen, which is a protein structure created from a variety of Amino acids. 


  • Energy levels are maintained by eating the correct balance of fats and carbohydrates.


  • Your brain, and your nervous system also need the correct balance of a vast array of chemicals and nutrients to perform at their best. 


  • Once you understand this, you will realise that the performance level of your body & mind, both when training & competing in sports, is dependent upon eating the correct foods choices to ensure all the necessary components of your body function at their optimum level.


In our modern day society, most people are in a hurry to get from one place to another, and often just grab the first snack available. Often, these choices are not the best for our health, and do not equip you with the necessary nutrients to fully nourish your body.


I will help create a tailor made personal training and nutrition plan, to help and support you, as you make the transition to being the healthiest that you can possibly be.


As a professional sports coach, my livelihood depends upon my results, and this is why I am still actively involved in teaching and personal training after all these years.


Many personal trainers will tell you what to do, but not fully explain why you should do it. My goal is to empower you, through education.


If you wish to learn how to really nourish your body, then you need to come and train with me, and learn from me.