Strength Training

Learn how to train safely and effectively using a combination of body-weight, free weights, and weight machines. I have been teaching sports, fitness, and strength conditioning since 1986, and have trained many sportsmen / sportswomen to boost their strength and fitness levels, and achieve success in their chosen fields. I have also helped hundreds of kids to get strong and fit enough to compete in sporting activities, and take home those all important winners trophies.


If you wish to bulk up, or slim down whilst maintaining muscle, or just develop certain muscle groups to give you an advantage in a particular sporting activity, I can teach you how to do this.

I am an expert in anatomy and physiology, and highly knowledgeable in nutrition. 


When fitness enthusiasts decide to become personal trainers, they have to study a level 2 sports coach course, and then follow that up with a level 3 personal trainer course. I used to teach those courses, and my expertise helped to produce a new generation of personal trainers. I didn't just teach them in the classroom, but I also taught them all of the personal training methods in the gym as well. The only thing better than training with a great personal trainer, is training with the guy who made them great.


Make the best personal training choice you can, I'm here to help you succeed